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Hallowed Highlands, LLC

Messages From Your Higher Self Oracle Reading

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This reading can be one of three ways. 

1.) We schedule a Zoom meeting and do the reading over video. No typed report.

2.) We chat on the phone or text (pictures of the spread included) but no typed report.

3.) No video or phone, detailed typed report with pictures. 


The Spread I use for this reading is one I made myself. It is as follows: 

1.) Client presently. 

2.) Advice concerning school and/or work. 

3.) Advice concerning friends, family and relationships. 

4.) Advice concerning spiritual self. 

5.) Unconscious factors, or, factors you are not aware of. 

6.) Shadow work that is needed, especially at this time. 

7.) Self Care. 

8.) Work that you need to do internally. 

9.) Work that you need to do externally. 

10.) How you can better sync with the multiverse and the Divine. Or obstacles to your connection with the multiverse and the Divine. 

11.) Recent past and lesson(s) learned/not learned. 

12.) Near future and lesson(s) that need to be learned. 



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