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Hallowed Highlands

Large Custom Kit


n this order form or email: please tell me your desired intentions for your items. (Examples: protection, increased spiritual awareness, enhancement of psychic abilities, traveling to other planes, worlds, dimensions, overcoming writer's block, attracting love, etc). I will also need to know your wrist measurement and if you have any allergies. Also feel free to let me know what your favorite witchy things are, I like to share gifts! 

*White votive candle carved with runes attuned to your desired intentions. 

*Roller Oil you can wear on your skin made of oils, herbs and gemstones and attuned to your desired intentions. 

*Herbs: star anise, rose, rosemary, st. john's wort, lemon balm, witch hazel, vervain, red sandalwood, caraway seeds, orris root, comfrey, chamomile, calendula, lavender, thyme, bay leaves, Irish moss, arnica flowers, mistletoe and allspice. 

*Pendulum (surprise design).

*Gemstones: 1 large cluster of amethyst and also comes with pieces that can range from: blue apatite, rainbow fluorite, rose quartz, gray aragonite, citrine, carnelian, sodalite and more. 

*Earrings (surprise design). Hooks are made of stainless steel and should be suitable for sensitive ears. 

*Gemstone bracelet (stones chosen by their association with your chosen intents).

*Key necklace with Incantation to help you unlock and lock doors (both physical and mundane).