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Hallowed Highlands

High Priestess | High Priest Training

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Are you a Pagan who has been studying and practicing for a time and have realized you want to pursue clergy training as a High Priestess or High Priest? Are you eclectic in your approach to Paganism? Are you serious about serving the Pagan community? This very well may be the program for you. 

I am a High Priest and my training consists of 33 Google Slides presentations. Upon purchase of training you will receive access to all 33 presentations, lecture notes and homework assignments. We will then schedule days and times to go over the presentations via Google Meet, Zoom, etc. 

At the end of the course there is a comprehensive exam that is pass or fail. You will be well prepared for this test so as long as you do the work and seriously commit yourself you will do well. I also issue study guides. 

This course also teaches how to navigate the Virginia Beach court system and how to be approved to officiate weddings in the commonwealth of Virginia. 

Until I am able to have my coven, Celestial Sanctuary, approved as a non profit with the IRS I will ordain others through the ULC. 

If you are unable to afford this training please email and I will be happy to work out a plan that works for your budget.



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