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Hallowed Highlands, LLC

Amethyst Fluorite Owl Bracelet

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This stunning handmade bracelet has been crafted with iridescent beads, amethyst and fluorite. The center piece is a sweet little owl. When you order please include your wrist length in inches (using a ribbon tape measure is best) so if I need to adjust the size I can before shipping. 

Amethyst Properties and Associations

Energy: Projective and Receptive, Yang and Yin.

Celestial bodies: Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto.

Deities: Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Justitia, Dionysus and Bacchus.

Days: Wednesday, Saturday and Thursday.

Element: Water.

Metals: Cobalt (because of its association with Neptune), tin (because of its association with Jupiter) bismuth (because of its association with Pluto) and silver, lodestone, copper and mercury (because of its association with Water).

Numerical vibration: 3.

Chakras: Third eye and crown.

Zodiac: Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces and Sagittarius. 

Esbats: February.

Energies and Intentions: Psychic abilities and intuition, astral realm and astral travel, coping with anger and addiction, balance, spiritual beginnings, soothing intense emotional states, coping with change, clear communication, enhance focus, spiritual connections, creativity and innovation, consciousness, dealing with danger instead of avoiding it, dream work, divination, grounding, spiritual growth, stability, strength, success, skills, improved sleep, wisdom, travel, transformation, justice, overcoming obstacles, guidance, harmony, healing, love, rebirth, introspection and shadow work, sex, prophecy, protection, needs and purification.


Fluorite Properties and Associations 

Celestial bodies: Neptune and Mercury. 

Element: Water and Earth.

Metals: Cobalt (Neptune), mercury and electrum (Mercury), lodestone, silver, copper and mercury (Water) and mercury and lead (Earth). 

Chakras: Third Eye.

Zodiac: Pisces, Gemini, Aquarius and Capricorn.

Energies and Intentions: Activate, vitality, luck, analytical thought, motivation, mental power, success, strength, introspection and shadow work, willpower, trust, well-being, anger, astral travel, beginnings, tranquility, balance, happiness, concentration, communication, creativity, self discipline, divination, emotions, goal setting and achievement, coping with grief, grounding, guardians, dream work, illumination, improvement and growth.

This bracelet has been made with green fluorite so it will serve as a powerful booster to the heart chakra and empower purification and encourage growth.




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