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Hallowed Highlands, LLC

15 Minutes Reiki Healing.

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This service is best for children, animals, pregnant individuals and anyone who may have a powerful sensitivity to Reiki healing. A shorter session offers powerful feeling without overwhelming. For 15 minutes I will complete a Reiki healing session from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. This service is best done in-person but can be done long-distance as well. When you order this service I will contact you about scheduling and whether we will do it in person or long-distance. *Note: I am opening a shop near the end of May/early June which will be located in Elizabeth City, NC. 

Reiki is such a wonderful healing modality as the practitioner serves as a conduit for the powerful healing energy of the multiverse, guiding that energy into the body of the person receiving the treatment. You may or may not experience any feelings or sensations during your session - both are absolutely normal, and the Reiki will flow to where your body needs it most. 

Sometimes clients cry during a session as blockages are removed, stagnant energy gets moving again and things that need to be healed rise closer to the surface. Again, this is completely normal so don't worry if you cry. 

I can't wait to help you with some powerful healing!



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