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Celestial Sanctuary Coven

Written by Liam-Cillian Beamish


Posted on 1月 11 2022

Dia daoibh, hello all! Today I wanted to share a little bit about my coven, Celestial Sanctuary. We are an eclectic Pagan and Heathen coven with an emphasis on Irish and Norwegian Paganism and Heathenism from the perspective of an Irish and Norwegian American. 

We have a private Facebook group and meet for Esbats, Sabbats and other coven activities. Membership is $19.99 a year and includes the coven grimoire, a group and store database and a database of every class and course I have ever taught. Membership dues go to securing locations for events, supplies and recently to filing for 501c3 status. *We're still waiting to hear back if we were approved*

If you are interested in joining us please visit and sign up for a membership there. We'd be happy to have you.