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Hallowed Highlands

Self Love and Compassion Kit


This kit is perfect for you if you are working on genuinely loving, accepting and treating yourself with unconditional compassion. The kit includes the following: 

*Self Love and Compassion Meditation written by me.

*Self Love and Compassion Chant written by me. 

*Self Love and Compassion Roller Oil: Contains essential oils, jojoba oil and dried herbs. Charged and blessed. 

*Palo Santo stick

*Gemstones: 1 large piece of White halite, sodalite, carnelian, 3 green aventurine, 4 citrine, 4 rose quartz and gray aragonite. 

*Key Necklace

*Instructions and Incantation for the Key Necklace. 

*A packet of information I have written. The first page includes meditation tips, the second page has a chakra meditation and the third page has instructions on breathing through your chakras.