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Hallowed Highlands

Self Care & Crisis Prevention Kit Style 1

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This kit has been designed for self care and crisis prevention. It includes the following: 

*Pop-it bracelet

*Pop-it fidget spinner with carabiner

*Golden Healer Crystal

*Exorcism Roller Oil to ward off negative, harmful and malicious energy

*5 sticks of Nag Champa incense

*Gemstone and crystal bead necklace

*Gemstone and crystal bead bracelet with pentacle and key charms

*Pentacle earrings (on stainless steel hooks so they should be suitable for sensitive ears)

*Key Incantation to use with your bracelet key

*Pink mini taper candle with carved runes

*Blue mini taper candle with carved runes

*Handmade ritual bath soak with pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt, chamomile flowers, jasmine flowers, calendula, rosewater, jasmine oil and ylang ylang oil.

*"When I'm in Crisis" card

*Love letter from me

*Print off of 99 coping skills

*Print off of 10 ways to untangle your thoughts

*Print off of support and recovery resources

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Technique Card

*Shadow Work Divination Spread Card

*Instructions for candles Card

*Grounding and Shielding Card 



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