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Hallowed Highlands

One Time Pagan & Witchy Development, Mentoring, Coaching


Upon purchase of this one time Pagan and Witchy mentoring send an email to: with your questions, goals and areas of interest. What do you want to learn? What are your learning goals? Do you want to become Clergy (Priests, Priestesses, High Priests, High Priestesses, etc). 

Second step: Schedule a Zoom meeting with me.

We will go over your email in depth over Zoom. This will enable me to get a good feel of your energy, what you need and what I can do to empower you. If you have anxiety or just plain hate video calls, we don't *have* to schedule this part. Instead we can do this over several emails.

Third step: I will email you a thorough response mentoring you: answering your questions, tracking down the answers for what I am unable to initially answer and suggest ideas for your growth and development as a Pagan and a Witch.