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Hallowed Highlands

Foundations of Hedge Witchcraft


This class teaches the foundations of Hedge Witchcraft. Upon ordering this class you will receive access to the class Google Slides presentation and we will schedule a day and time to go over the presentation one-on-one over Google Meet, Zoom or your preferred video call method! During this time I will also guide you through the guided meditation. 

*What Hedge Craft is 

*Paths Similar to Hedge Craft


*Solitary and Group Practice

*Am I a Hedge Witch? Activity

*Mental Health and Shamanism

*Hedge Riding

*Methods of Hedge Riding

*Keeping Track of your Travels

*Safety Measures

*Methods of Inducing Trance

*Methods of Separating the Astral Body from the Physical Body

*Guided Meditation: Finding and Building your Power Place