Willow Magical Correspondences.

Willow Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh, Conas atá sibh? (Hello, how are you?) I hope you are all staying safe out there. Today we are learning about Salix babylonica (Willow Tree) and it’s magical associations.

Willow trees have aliases including the Tree of Enchantment, Pussy Willow, Black Willow and Weeping Willow. These ethereal trees grow across China, North America, Canada, South America and areas of Europe.

Celestial Bodies: Earth’s Moon and Venus.

Elements: Water and Fire.

Numerical vibration: 5

Symbolism: life, marriage, divination, the Otherworld.

Gender: Divine Feminine | Yin 

Deities: Athena (Greek), Artemis (Greek), Hecate (Greek), Hera (Greek), Persephone (Greek), Hermes (Greek), Poseidon (Greek), Zeus (Greek), Mercury (Roman), Ceres (Roman), Diana (Roman), Selene (Luna) (Greek and Roman), Brigid (Irish), Danu (Irish), The Mórrígan (Irish), Cerridwen (Welsh), Arawn (Welsh), Rhiannon (Celtic), Belenus (Celtic), Loki (Norse), Hel (Norse), Ishtar (Egyptian), and Osiris (Egyptian).

Creatures, Spirits and other Entities: The Fae in general.

Gemstones: So far I haven’t found the information for this section and I will update this section as soon as I find the answer.

Metal: Silver (because of Willow’s association with the Moon), copper (Venus association), lodestone and mercury (Water element association) and antimony, brass, boji stones and gold (because of its association with the Fire element).

Animals, insects: Doves, cranes, bees.

Colours: I wasn’t able to find any information for this section and I will update this as soon as I learn the correct information.

Magickal correspondences: The Otherworld, death and the afterlife, magick and witchcraft, psychic abilities, dream work, astral projection, healing, grief (think Weeping Willow), depression and other depressed mood states, strength, grit and willpower to keep fighting. Skills and adaptation, freedom and beauty, fertility, inspiration, creativity, wishes, divination, beginnings, blessings, bindings, elegance, nurturing, relationships, power, open-mindedness and positive affirmations/ seeing the silver lining in every situation no matter how awful.

Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy: Healing from grief, healing in general, healing from depressive mood states and conditions, trauma work and healing and Shadow Work. Willow bark has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain reliever), antipyretic (fever reducer) and astringent. It’s crucial to know and remember that Willow bark also contains a precursor to salicylic acid which is the active ingredient in Aspirin. Please never take anything internally (or externally) unless you have thoroughly researched and discussed with your doctor. Don’t replace any treatment or medication with any of the information in this document. Your doctor needs to be in the loop when you take herbal supplements and you need to keep in mind that many herbs interact with other herbs as well as medications and even foods. You can also be allergic to herbals! Be educated and safe!

Using Willow in your magickal and spiritual practices

  • Use in a healing ritual, especially if you or someone you are doing the work for is going through grief, trauma recovery, mental health struggles and addiction recovery. You can use a Willow wand in the work, carve a healing sigil into a piece of willow wood and wear on a necklace.
  • Willow corresponds to the heart chakra, so you could again, design a sigil for heart chakra healing and carve or burn (or paint, etc) the sigil into a piece of Willow wood and wear near your heart center.
  • Use in a dream pillow or sachet for a boost to your dream work, astral travels, etc. 
  • Use in a spell to help you push past executive dysfunction, procrastination and lack of inspiration.
  • Make a rune set!
  • Make a wand!
  • Use in a wreath blessing your home with protection, healing and any of its other associations then place on your door. 

I hope you enjoyed this teaching and find it enriching to your personal practices. Take care everyone!



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