Bodhi Tree Magical Correspondences.

Bodhi Tree Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh, Conas atá sibh? (God to you ‘hello’, how are you?) I hope you are all staying safe out there. Today we are learning about the beautiful Ficus religiosa (Bodhi Tree) and it’s magical associations.

Bodhi trees have aliases, some of these include: Aswattha (Sanskrit), Sacred Fig, Banyan Fig, Bo Tree, Peepul Tree and Pipal.

Celestial Bodies: Jupiter. Other sources say Earth’s Sun.

Elements: Air | East.

Numerical vibration: I was unable to find the information for this section. I will update this section as soon as I find the correct information.

Symbolism: Awakening, enlightenment, magic and spirituality.

Gender: Masculine | Yang.

Deities: Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha and Brahma.

Gemstones: So far I haven’t found information for this section. I will update as soon as I discover the information!

Metal: Tin (due to Bodhi’s celestial body being Jupiter) and due to Bodhi’s association with Air, aluminum and mercury (quicksilver).

Animals: Elephants.

Colors: Tibetan Buddhists correlate the element of Air (Bodhi’s element) with blues and black.

Magical correspondences: Meditation, enlightenment, spirituality, spiritual awakenings, protection, healing, knowledge, wisdom, truth, grounding and balance, discipline, nature spirits and nature work, rain and storm work and fertility. Playfulness, thoughtfulness, 

Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy: Bodhi trees have cooling and healing properties, all parts of the tree have been used over time in the treatment of illnesses involving excessive heat or yang energy. Issues concerning the skin, respiratory system, reproductive system, digestive system, blood and other systems.

Using Bodhi in your magical and spiritual practices

  • Fertility work- spend some time with a Bodhi tree if you can! If not, obtain bark for a wand or use in a fertility ritual.
  • Keep a piece on you while you meditate for a boost.
  • Use in a piece of practical magic decor to bring your home protection, spirituality, balance and healing. 
  • Use a Bodhi wand to summon the rain.

I hope you enjoyed this teaching and find it enriching to your personal practices. Take care everyone!



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