Blackthorn Tree Magical Correspondences.

Blackthorn Tree Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh, I hope you’re all well. Today we are learning about Prunus spinosa, or Blackthorn Tree: its magical associations and healing properties.

Blackthorn trees are native to Western Asia as well as Europe, but they also grow in New Zealand and across North America. 

When the Irish and Scottish were not allowed to carry weapons (fuck the British, sorry not sorry) they began carrying batas, or sticks for fighting. These sticks became known as shillelagh. Stick fighting eventually became a sport as well as a way to defend themselves. The blackthorn tree was the first choice for a bata because of their strength and solidness, nevermind their thorns. 

Celestial Bodies: Mars and Saturn. 

Elements: Fire and Earth.

Numerical vibration: I was unable to find information for this section. I will update this teaching as soon as I discover the information.

Gender: Yang, Divine Masculine.

Energy: Projective. 

Chakras: I was unable to find information for this section. I will update this teaching as soon as I discover the information.

Deities: Brigid, Holle, Bertha, Banba, Macha, Ran, Loki, the Dagda and Belenus. 

Ascended Masters, other Entities, Ancestors: The Fae.

Metal: Iron (Mars), lead (Saturn), brass, boji stones, gold and antimony (Fire) and lead and mercury (Earth). 

Magical correspondences: Banishing, authority, destruction, destiny, guidance, hexes, fidelity, influence, independence, magic, negativity, overcoming obstacles, protection, purification, truth, witches and strength. 

Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy: The sloes were used in Britain to make alcohol. 

Please never take anything internally (or externally) unless you have thoroughly researched and discussed with your doctor. Don’t replace any treatment or medication with any of the information in this document. Your doctor needs to be in the loop when you take herbal supplements and you need to keep in mind that many herbs interact with other herbs as well as medications and even foods. You can also be allergic to herbals! Be educated and safe!

Using Blackthorn in your magical and spiritual practices:

  • Use the thorns in a protection witch bottle. 
  • Use a blackthorn wand to banish unwanted energies and harmful entities. 
  • Grow a blackthorn tree on your property for added protection and as an offering to the Fae. 
  • Use in a witch bottle or pouch for assistance in overcoming obstacles and blocking negativity from harming you. 

I hope you enjoyed this teaching and find it enriching to your personal practices. Take care everyone!



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