Job's Tears | Magical Correspondences

Job's Tears | Magical Correspondences

Job’s Tears’ scientific name is Coix lacryma-jobi and other names for this plant include: Adlay Adlay Millet, Coix seed, tear grass, David’s Tears, St. Mary’s Tears and Christ’s Tears. This perennial plant produces tall grains and it’s actually in the taxonomic family Poaceae which is the grass family. Because of this, if you are allergic to other types of grass please note that you may be allergic to Job’s Tears as well. This plant is found across the world, especially in China, India and Africa and is used in many different spiritual paths such as Paganism, Christianity and Hoodoo. You may have seen these kernels/seeds before on Catholic rosaries, particularly in the Cajun realm of Catholicism. If you’re not familiar with Job from the Old Testament of the Bible the poor dude went through hell and back as the Devil tested his loyalty to God, taking everything he loved and had away. Despite the pain and suffering Job remained faithful.

This herb resonates with Divine Feminine energy. Other sources say Divine Masculine.

Job’s Tears primary elemental power flow: Sources say Water and/or Air and Fire.

The celestial body that this herb corresponds with: Venus, Jupiter is also mentioned in some sources.

Astrological Signs associated: Cancer and Libra.

Deities: Jesus Christ and the Christian God, Jewish God Yahweh. Because of this plant’s magickal correspondences it’s arguable that Deities associated with luck, abundance and other correspondences of Job’s Tears would be linked to the plant.

Magickal correspondences include: Luck, luck with gambling, wishes, abundance, manifestation, health and healing, commitment, faithfulness, dedication, determination, surviving hardship, gaining employment, securing new employment and improving the current work environment.

Other ways you can put Job’s Tears to use in your personal practice (but not limited to):

  • The white kernels this plant produces can be used as beads for magickal and spiritual jewelry. These kernels may also help relieve pain related to the throat and facial area so if you’re hurting in one or more of those areas you may find magickal work with this plant to help.


  • Carry seeds, kernels, dried leaves and other parts of the plant in a sachet for a boost of luck, healing and overall well being. Talk to them and ask them to help you obtain that which you seek.


  • Make a wish while focusing on 7 kernels and then carry them on you for 7 days for added power to help you bring your wish to fruition. At the end of the 7th day throw the seeds into running water (like a lake, river, ocean, etc) over your left shoulder. Several sources say to recite the 23rd Psalm (The Lord is my Shepherd) and focusing intently on your wish coming true (visualize it as if it has already happened) before tossing them into the water. *Because we are Pagans here, you can choose to recite a different piece of spiritual text to the Gods, Goddesses, the Tao, really anything that will help you connect to the Divine and the multiverse to ask for their blessing and added power. I also read that in Mexican folk magick to do this but NOT to put the seeds in water afterward, just keep them on you.


  • Perform candle magick focused on manifesting your wishes, desires and goals. Place 7 kernels/seeds around the candle, light the candle and visualize what you want as if it has already happened. You can also use gemstones that correspond to your goal as well!


  • If you don’t have 7, 3 is a powerful number to use as well. You can also tap into numerology here by determining the numerical vibration of your intent and then using that number of seeds/kernels. So say you are in need of a boost in compassion or empathy or you need a magickal item to aid you in helping others or leading- these things correlate to the vibration of the number 9, so you could use 9 seeds/kernels.


  • Place in an aesthetically pleasing dish with some fortune gemstones in the fortune corner of your home. To do this, use a Feng Shui Bagua map with your house’s layout.


  • Make shakers filled with them for rattles! These can be wonderful for inducing altered states of consciousness.

I hope you found this teaching helpful and enriching to your personal practice!

~Prince Cillian


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