Foxglove Magic and Correspondences

Foxglove Magic and Correspondences

Foxglove | November 2020 Herb of the Month

Hello everyone, and welcome to November 2020’s Herb of the Month. This month we are learning about Foxglove. Before we get started I wanted to share right away that Foxglove, while powerful and stunning, is HIGHLY POISONOUS. There’s a reason the Scottish call it Dead Men’s Bells.

Foxglove’s scientific name is: Digitalis (genus) that includes approximately 20 species of Foxglove. Digitalis purpurea is the genus and species of the Common Foxglove. Does the name Digitalis sound familiar? It’s also the name of a pharmaceutical used in the treatment of certain cardiac diseases. It’s actually made from the dried leaves of Foxglove. The mechanism of action, or how Digitalis works in the body is strengthening the contractions of the cardiac muscle itself.

This herb resonates with feminine energy.

Foxglove’s primary elemental power flow: Water and Earth

The celestial body that this herb corresponds with: Venus (and other sources say Saturn).

Deities: Flora, Juno, the Virgin Mary, the Fae in general.

Magickal correspondences include: Attracting, communicating and working with the Fae, raising the dead, working with the dead in general, protection, healing, both life AND death (used to raise the dead but the plant itself can kill living people), cardiac healing, strengthening the heart, bee magick and hummingbird magick.

Other ways you can put foxglove to use in your personal practice (but not limited to):

  • Plant anywhere around your property that you would like to honor and attract the Fae. They really love Foxglove.
  • As I’ve already mentioned, Foxglove is highly poisonous, you have to be very careful when working with this gorgeous plant. Be aware that you can absorb materials through your skin (your skin is the largest organ of the body) so even touching the juices of Foxglove and allowing them to sit on your fingers for a short amount of time results in your body absorbing some of the Foxglove. This can be so so so dangerous and deadly so BE CAREFUL.
  • Wear a tiny bottle as jewelry that contains dried Foxglove and other herbs for communication with the dead.

I hope you found this teaching helpful and enriching to your personal practice!


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