Tiger's Eye Healing & Magical Correspondences.

Tiger's Eye Healing & Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh! Cillian once again at your service! I hope all is well for you and yours. Today I am sharing with you a teaching on the gemstone Tiger Eye. I hope you enjoy it!

This stunner is one of the easiest gemstones to track down, being found in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Korea, China, Namibia, Burma, India and Australia. This gemstone is primarily composed of silicon dioxide, it has a hardness of 7 and it’s classified as a hexagonal crystal system. Aliases for Tiger Eye include Tiger’s Eye and Chatoyant Quartz.

Chemical Formula: SiO

Energy Flow (Projective or Receptive) (Yin or Yang): Projective and Yang.

Deities associated: Bast (Egyptian), Ra (Egyptian), Helios (Greek), Apollo (Greek), Sól (Norwegian), Lugh (Irish). Honestly, really any Solar Deity or Deity of light.

Angels: Jophiel.

Metals: Gold (because of its association with Earth’s Sun) and because of its association with Fire and Earth: antimony, brass, boji stones, lead and mercury.

Full Moons | Esbats: I had a hard time finding the information for this section. I will update this as soon as I discover the answer.

Season and/or Sabbat: I also couldn’t find the information for this section, however, I will update it as soon as possible.

Magickal correspondences: Self love, self esteem, confidence, protection especially against others wishing you harm, abundance, luck, happiness, mental clarity and seeing past illusions, balance, protection in battle, beauty, tranquility, ease anxiety, boost creativity, inspiration and innovation, clear communication, radical acceptance of even the shittiest of circumstances, courage, personal empowerment, introspection and Shadow work, grounding and shielding, increasing energy, healing, harmony, rebirth and resurrection, animal magic, manifestation, community work, protection against danger and keeping a level head while dealing with the danger, matters of desire, empower divination efforts, overcoming fear and phobias, Divine insight, integrity, mental powers, study, concentration and memory, knowing your needs, psychic abilities, purification, stimulation, travel, wealth, strength, coping with stress and increasing willpower.

Body Systems/ Medical and Psychiatric Conditions this stone may benefit: Mental health: Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, depression, self-loathing. Tiger Eye is also said to improve eye health including vision. The Throat chakra, structures and functions of the throat area and speaking so that others can hear and understand you. The reproductive system is also said to be benefited by this gemstone. Lastly, this gemstone may help in the speedy and successful recovery of broken bones.

*Please don’t ever substitute medical attention from a qualified health professional with witchy/spiritual work. While our spiritual and magickal workings are powerful and effective we should never neglect medical attention or modern science. I am in no way giving you medical advice. I am a health care provider, however, I am NOT a medical doctor so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat.

Primary elemental power flow: Fire. Some sources also include Earth.

Directions: South (Due to its association with Fire). North (due to its association with Earth).

Astrological signs: Gemini, Leo and Capricorn.

Celestial Bodies: Earth’s Sun.

Days of the Week: Sunday.

Numerical vibration: 4.

Chakra(s): Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Tarot: The Sun and The Magician.

Ideas on how to use Tiger Eye in your practice

  • Carry on you to prevent harm done by others who may be wishing you ill. 
  • Use during Kundalini yoga and meditation as it can help start and further awakening of Kundalini. Just be aware that this is not something to do willy nilly. Awakening Kundalini is an extremely powerful and life-changing event and will continue once it has begun. 
  • Use in a ritual to help you overcome worries about what others think of you, boost confidence, self-worth and self empowerment. After the ritual, wear the gemstone or carry it in your pocket. If you have to give a speech or something that may flare anxiety concerning what other people think, make sure you have it on your body somehow.
  • Use in a ritual to help you determine what would truly make you happy, what your soul purpose is and for guidance and direction. Like the other ideas, wear the gemstone on you after the ritual. 
  • Cleanse in moonlight, especially the light of the full moon.

This has been Cillian, as always, at your service. 


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