April Esbat: Pink Moon

April Esbat: Pink Moon

Dia daoibh! This is a teaching on this month’s Esbat! This month we celebrate the Pink Moon. Aliases of this Moon include: Growing Moon, Seed Moon, Planting Moon, Budding Trees Moon, Planter’s Moon, Green Grass Moon and Hare Moon.

Beings/spirits/entities: The Fae. 

Gemstones: Sard, diamond, garnet, selenite, quartz, ruby and angelite.

Zodiac: Aries. (March 20th- April 20th) Getting things moving and getting things done. Decisive, take action, tap into your courage. Say what needs to be said and don’t beat around the bush. If you find yourself angry, work on soothing and expressing it in a healthy way. Work on your confidence and assertiveness at this time as well. Taurus (April 21st - May 20th). Dig in and hold your ground and consider approaching things with a more methodical style. Figure out what sustains you and prioritize it. Cultivate your patience. 

Celestial bodies: Mars and Venus. Work with Mars energy through March 20th through the 20th of April and Venus during April 21st through May 20th. Mars energy is active and assertive, competitive, strong, courageous and sexually charged. This is a great time to tap into your vitality and boost it. Work with Venus energy through April 21st through May 20th. Venus is all about love, pleasure, the senses, sexual drive and desire, beauty, romance, art and music and attraction. Use this energy to draw what you want toward you!

Element: Fire and Earth (Aries and Taurus).

Trees: Hazel, pine, lilac, forsythia, willow and bay. 

If you’d like to incorporate the use of scents in your spiritual or magickal practice, or even in your self care, great choices that align with the monthly power flow are: patchouli, pine, bay, hazel, bergamot, dragon’s blood, geranium, sweetpea and daisy. Think in-season flowers, plants,etc. You can buy or create essential oils of these or incorporate scented candles, incense, lotions and other scented products.

Colors of the Pink Moon: Gold and red. Because this Esbat is so close to the Spring Equinox you can also use bright colors that remind you of Spring and new life. 

Herbs and flowers: Dragon’s blood, chives, basil, milkweed, bergamot, patchouli, dogwood, dandelion, fennel, dill, thistle, geranium, sweetpea and daisy.

Deities: Kali (Indian-Hindu), Ceres (Roman), Venus (Roman), Aphrodite (Greek), Hathor (Egyptian), Bast (Egyptian), Ishtar (Egyptian) and Anahita (Persian).

The Pink Moon’s power flow is: energy (especially creative) growing and ready for use. Change and opportunities. This is a great time of year to put your creative energy to good use! Make changes, get that project done, get to the gym, harness this growing energy for use! The world is fertile, not just human bodies so use this fertile energy to grow what you’d like to see change in your life. 

Magickal correspondences: Coping with changes, opportunities, creativity, new beginnings, spirituality, growth, fertility, self confidence, self reliance, balancing emotional states and growing away from selfishness. 

I hope you enjoyed this Esbat teaching on the Pink Moon. 



“Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences” written by Sandra Kynes.


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