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Hallowed Highlands, LLC

Fehu Tiger's Eye Fortune Decor

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Handmade and hand woven, this decor piece is also a conduit for money and abundance work. The Elder Futhark rune has been woven into the center and just below hangs a pentacle and vibrant colored embroidery floss. Attached to the inside of the ring are four pieces of brown Tiger's Eye. This piece has been infused with money-drawing energy and has also been cleansed and purified with the help of the Goddess Freyja. 

Tiger's Eye Properties and Associations

*Also called Chatoyant Quartz*

Energy: Projective, Yang. 

Celestial bodies: Earth’s Sun.

Days: Sunday.

Element: Fire. 

Metals: Gold (Sun), antimony, gold, brass and boji stones (Fire).

Numerical vibration: 4.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Zodiac: Gemini, Leo and Capricorn.

Energies and Intentions: Abundance, balance, acceptance, battle, beauty, happiness, calm, clarity, community, confidence, communication, courage, danger, creativity, divination, desire, empowerment, fear, energy, grounding, harmony, insight, healing, inspiration, intelligence, integrity, introspection and shadow work, luck, coping with loss, animal magic, the mind, manifestation, money, purification, purpose, psycho abilities, rebirth, rejuvenation, security, respect, the senses, skills, strength, dealing with stress, business success, stimulation, truth, travel, wealth, visions, willpower, wisdom, well-being and youth. 




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