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Hallowed Highlands

Chakra Reading, Opening and Alignment

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After purchasing this service we will set up a day and time for me to probe your energy field (long distance) over Zoom. I will read the current state of your main 7 chakras and then open and align them. Afterwards I will provide a thorough typed report via email.

I will begin by opening sacred space, constructing a crystal gird and pushing energy through candles for you. (pictures will be provided to your email afterwards). I will then begin leading you through a chakra meditation I’ve written. As we remove blockages, open and align your 7 main chakras. I will take notes on my findings and provide them to you once I am finished. We will start with your root chakra and move through your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and end with your crown chakra. As I focus on each center I will help you open any closed chakras and balance the energy flowing through each point.

After opening and balancing your chakras you may feel more grounded, secure, in touch with your creativity, determined and better equipped to manifest your dreams and goals, open emotionally and in tune with your extra senses. You may find issues you were having before are easier to cope with and handle.

You may feel changes in temperature, vibrations or other sensations as I move through your chakras. If you have particularly large blockages you may feel a release of pressure or other sensations as the blockages are removed. Conversely, you may feel nothing at all. Do your best to sit somewhere quiet and relaxing.

Once I finish I will type up a report of the initial state of your chakras and the work that I did to restore balance to your energy. This report will be emailed to your email of choice. I will also provide the chakra meditation I’ve written in the email so you can practice it on your own. Pictures of the crystal grid and energy work I do for you will also be provided so you can meditate on the power from the photos.

Disclaimer: This is not a medical procedure of any kind, I am not a doctor, I am not able to diagnosis medical issues or cure anything. Chakra work can do wonders, but it is not a cure and should never take the place of treatment from a doctor. Do not stop taking any medication you are prescribed or stop any other treatments your doctor has you on. I can't stress this enough!



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