Cherry Tree Magical Correspondences.

Cherry Tree Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh, Conas atá sibh? (Hello, how are you?) I hope you are all staying safe out there. Today we are learning about Prunus avium (Cherry tree) and it’s magical associations.

Cherry trees grow naturally across the northern hemisphere including parts of the United States, eastern Asia, North Africa and parts of Europe. Other names for the Cherry Tree include: Chokecherry, Black Cherry, Wild Cherry and Sweet Cherry. Cool fact, Cherry Trees are a part of the Rose family.

Celestial Bodies: Mercury and Venus.

Elements: Water and Fire.

Gender: Divine Feminine, Yin.

Deities: The Mórrígan (Irish), Thor (Norse), Mars (Roman), Vertumnus (Roman), Flora (Roman), Pan (Greek), Artemis (Greek) and Persephone (Greek).

Zodiac Signs: Aries, Taurus, Libra and Aquarius.

Metal: Mercury (quicksilver), electrum (Mercury and Water), copper (Venus and Water element), lodestone and silver (Water element) as well as gold, boji stones, antimony and brass (Fire element).

Magical correspondences: Spirituality, love, lust, romance, beauty, creativity, divination, happiness, harmony, learning, stabilize mood swings, compassion, determining if you are being deceived, resurrection, rejuvenation, awakenings, attraction, action and achievement. 

Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy: Cherry is a powerful diuretic and may be helpful in the treatment of issues concerning the kidneys and urinary tract, circulation, edema and rheumatoid illnesses. Cherry is also cardiotonic which means it can help strengthen the contractions of the heart muscle. Cherries can be eaten or the flower stalks and cherries themselves can be made into a decoction. The flower stalks, or peduncles, can also be used to make healing infusions such as teas. Decoctions of Cherry can also help with scars, acne and other conditions of the skin. Cherry may also help with issues caused by menstruation. The scent of Cherry is very pleasant and many find it uplifting and soothing. 

Please never take anything internally (or externally) unless you have thoroughly researched and discussed with your doctor. Don’t replace any treatment or medication with any of the information in this document. Your doctor needs to be in the loop when you take herbal supplements and you need to keep in mind that many herbs interact with other herbs as well as medications and even foods. You can also be allergic to herbals! Be educated and safe!

Using Cherry in your magical and spiritual practices

  • Cherry branch as a wand, especially for magickal workings pertaining to it. 
  • Wear a piece as a talisman pertaining to its magickal correspondences. 
  • Empower cherries during a ritual for any of its magickal correspondences and then eat the berries, taking the intentful energy into your body.
  • Create a decoction before or during ritual, empowering it with more healing energy before using it. 
  • Cherry juice has long been used as a substitute for blood in magickal workings.
  • Use the cherry juice to paint sigils, runes and other magickal symbols pertaining to Cherry’s magickal correspondences. 

I hope you enjoyed this teaching and find it enriching to your personal practices. Take care everyone!



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