Beech Tree Magical Correspondences.

Beech Tree Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh, Conas atá sibh? (God to you ‘hello’, how are you?) I hope you are all staying safe out there and thank you again for being patient for this teaching as I continue to get caught up. Today we are learning about the beautiful Fagus sylvatica (Beech Tree) and it’s magical associations.

Beech trees have aliases, some of these include: The Tree of Learning, Hetre, Haya, Faya, Fagos, Faggio, Buke, Buk, Buche, Boke and Bok.

These trees are imbued with power of the consonant P (Phagos) in the Irish Ogham Alphabet.

Celestial Bodies: Mercury and Saturn.

Elements: Air and Earth. Because of this tree’s association with the metal mercury, I would also argue Water. 

Numerical vibration: 2, 3, 4 and 40.

Symbolism: Preservation, knowledge, endings, death.

Gender: Feminine

Deities: Odin (Norwegian), Hermes (Greek), Mercury (Roman), Kronos (Greek), Thoth (Egyptian), Ogma (Irish).

Gemstones: I was unable to find any, I will update this section as soon as I discover the information.

Metal: Mercury (quicksilver), electrum and lead.

Animals: Bluebird.

Colours: light blue.

Magical correspondences: Preservation, all matters of the mind such as learning, cognition, intelligence, understanding and memory, spiritual awakening, sustenance, endings, death and wishes.

Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy: An old remedy to soothe eczema and psoriasis involved the topical application of Beech tar. Beech leaves were made into a poultice and used to boost healing of areas of compromised skin. Beech nuts and seeds are edible for most humans and animals! It is also said that the scent of beech can empower you with confidence and be able to cognitively reframe negative happenings in order to remain hopeful and press on. 

Using Beech in your magickal and spiritual practices

  • Scott Cunningham suggests in his book “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs'' carving your wishes into a piece of Beech wood and subsequently burying it to seed your intent into the multiverse. I agree, this is a fantastic idea!
  • Burn beech incense as you work a spell for wishes or any of the other magickal correspondences of Beech.
  • Use for healing of the skin either physically (as is appropriate and safe for you) or in a healing ritual.

I hope you enjoyed this teaching and find it enriching to your personal practices. Take care everyone!



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