Acacia Tree Magical Correspondences.

Acacia Tree Magical Correspondences.

Dia daoibh, Conas atá sibh? (Hello, how are you?) I hope you are all staying safe out there. Today we are learning about the Acacia tree: its magical associations and healing properties.

This tree belongs to the genus Acacia which is in the Pea family. It grows mainly in Australia and Africa, but also in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. Acacia is also commonly known as Babul, Bablah Pods, Gum Arabic, Cat’s Claw, Egyptian Thorn, Long-Flowered Catclaw, India Gum Tree, Devil’s Claw, Tear Blanket, Paradise Flower and several others. Acacia is commonly confused with the genus Mimosa. Acacia often have pleasantly fragrant flowers that are usually yellow and sometimes yellow. Also important to note, there are approximately 160 species in the genus Acacia and they take the form of trees and shrubs. 

Celestial Bodies: Earth, Earth’s Sun and Mercury.

Elements: Air.

Numerical vibration: 5.

Gender: Divine Masculine, Yang. 

Deities:Ra (Egptian), Osiris (Egyptian), Ishtar (Egyptian), Diana (Roman) and Astarte (Middle East).

Ascended Masters, other Entities, Ancestors: Buddha.

Metal: Due to Acacia’s association with the Earth’s sun it is also linked to the metal gold. Because of its relationship with Mercury other metals include: mercury and electrum. Due to its correlation to the element of Air, aluminium and tin are also related to Acacia.

Magical correspondences: Death and the afterlife, boosts clairvoyant abilities and seeing into the future as well as other psychic abilities, bolsters spirituality and wisdom, empowers dream work and divination and is a great choice for blessings and purification. Acacia is also wonderful for help in achieving balance and calming intense emotions or mood swings. Understanding the root of our jealousy and coping with it, platonic love, enhancing inspiration and creativity and prosperity are also magickal correspondences. Acacia can also help in the development of skills and abilities, work on the self including Shadow Work, security and protection, dealing with negative energy and also matters of sex. 

Healing | Nutrition | Aromatherapy: After the rains the stems of this tree produce the gum we commonly known as Gum Arabic. There are anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties and the polysaccharide substance can be extracted and used in the creation of medications as well as adhesives. 

Please never take anything internally (or externally) unless you have thoroughly researched and discussed with your doctor. Don’t replace any treatment or medication with any of the information in this document. Your doctor needs to be in the loop when you take herbal supplements and you need to keep in mind that many herbs interact with other herbs as well as medications and even foods. You can also be allergic to herbals! Be educated and safe!

Using Acacia in your magical and spiritual practices

  • Decorate an altar to any of the associated Deities and Ascended Masters with the flowers. 
  • Use a branch as a wand to bless and purify or to dispel negativity, jealousy or other problems.
  • Use dried flowers or other parts of the tree in a money sachet and place it in the wealth corner of your home or office using Feng Shui and a Bagua map. 
  • Use dried flowers in two pouches- one for you and one for your friend- to increase the platonic love in your friendship. 
  • Use the dried flowers in a ground-safe blend of protective herbs and sprinkle around the boundaries of your property. 

I hope you enjoyed this teaching and find it enriching to your personal practices. Take care everyone!



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