Topaz Healing & Magical Correspondences.

Topaz Healing & Magical Correspondences.

Ethereal Topaz can be found in a variety of colors and grows within igneous rocks, especially rhyolite and pegmatite. Topaz forms near the end of the magma cooling process. This gorgeous stone grows across the world in locations such as Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Mexico, Madagascar, India, Australia, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Myanmar and the American State of Utah. 

Chemical Formula: Al2SiO4(F,OH)2 

Energy Flow (Projective or Receptive) (Yin or Yang): Projective, Yang.

Deities associated: Lugh (Irish), Ra (Egyptian) and Jupiter (Roman).

Full Moons | Esbats: February, August and November.

Season: Autumn.

Magickal correspondences: Adaptation, soothing anger and bringing balance to emotional and mental states, abundance, success, prosperity, luck, wisdom, focus, improve test taking, learning, intelligence, inspiration, creativity, innovation, blessings, leadership, courage, divination, boosting intuition and psychic abilities, combat nightmares, shadow work, introspection, merging with your Higher Self, self mastery and living genuinely, transformation, healing, easing anxiety and stress, coping with loss and grief, discovering the truth and being truthful, forgiveness of yourself and others bringing peace and closure to you, clear communication, passion, sex, death as well as the afterlife and rebirth.

Body Systems/ Medical and Psychiatric Conditions this stone may benefit: Because topaz is highly proficient in directing energy where it is needed most along all meridians of the body, this stone can potentially aid in the healing of all body systems. 

*Please don’t ever substitute medical attention from a qualified health professional with witchy/spiritual work. While our spiritual and magickal workings are powerful and effective we should never neglect medical attention or modern science. I am in no way giving you medical advice. I am a health care provider, however, I am NOT a medical doctor so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat.

Primary elemental power flow: Fire | South.

Astrological signs: Scorpio, Gemini, Leo, Taurus and Sagittarius.

Celestial Bodies: Earth’s Sun and Mercury.

Days of the Week: Tuesday and Sunday.

Numerical vibration: 1, 4 and 6.

Chakra(s): Solar plexus, Heart, Third Eye and Crown.

Tarot: Strength, the Fool, Hierophant.

Ideas on how to use Topaz in your practice

  • Wear topaz and tap into its energies specific to issues you’re having or other intent.
  • Make a practical magick decor piece for your office to bless your work space, aid in focus, clear communication with co-workers. 
  • Use topaz in blessing practices or rituals.
  • Wear (especially as earrings) or carry in your pocket during test taking for increased concentration, recall of information and boost of successful energy.


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“The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide To Crystals” written by Judy Hall. 

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