Moonstone Healing & Magical Correspondences

Moonstone Healing & Magical Correspondences

Dia daoibh! Cillian once again at your service! I hope all is well for you and yours. Today I am sharing with you a teaching on the gemstone Moonstone for the month of June, 2021. I hope you enjoy it!

This beautiful gemstone is found primarily across the United States, India, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Rainbow Moonstone can be found in Madagascar and India.

Chemical Formula: (Na,K)AlSi3O8

Energy Flow (Projective or Receptive) (Yin or Yang): Receptive, Yin.

Deities associated: Selene (Greek), Hecate (Greek), Diana (Roman), Luna (Roman), Arianrhod (Welsh), Rhiannon (Celtic) and Isis (Egyptian).

Angels: Archangel Haniel.

Metals: Silver (due to its correspondence with the Earth’s Moon and the element of Water), copper, lodestone and mercury (because it corresponds to Water).

Full Moons | Esbats: January, February, June and August.

Season and/or Sabbat: Winter, Spring Equinox.

Magickal correspondences: Calming of intense emotions and mood states, healing, compassion and affection, happiness, hope and boosting intuition and psychic abilities. Accomplishing goals, death and the afterlife, the moon, new beginnings, creativity, change, life cycles, divination and dream work, combats insomnia and other sleep related issues, coping with stress, friendship, reconciliation, release, shadow work, matters of the mind, pregnancy and childbirth, protection during travel, wisdom, contacting spirits and other entities, connecting with your Higher Self

Body Systems/ Medical and Psychiatric Conditions this stone may benefit: Varieties of Moonstone may help soothe anxiety, irritation and depression symptoms. If you are in need of nurturing energy, Moonstone is a good choice of stone to work with. This gemstone is also a prime choice for people giving birth as it can help with the process of labor and delivery and protect parent and baby(ies). Moonstone also may help with issues concerning the digestive system, parts of the endocrine system (pancreas), aid the body in its natural abilities to detoxify the body and process nutrients. Moonstone may also help with conditions of the skin, nails, hair and eyes. This stone boosts the abilities of the pineal gland and also can benefit balancing hormones in the body.

*Please don’t ever substitute medical attention from a qualified health professional with witchy/spiritual work. While our spiritual and magickal workings are powerful and effective we should never neglect medical attention or modern science. I am in no way giving you medical advice. I am a health care provider, however, I am NOT a medical doctor so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat.

Primary elemental power flow: Water.

Astrological signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini and Pisces.

Celestial Bodies: Earth’s Moon.

Days of the Week: Monday.

Numerical vibration: 2, 4 and 7.

Chakra(s): Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat.

Tarot: The Moon and The High Priestess.

Ideas on how to use Moonstone in your practice

  • Include a piece in a dream pillow to empower your dream work (and place it under or near your pillow while you sleep).
  • Hold pieces of Moonstone (or wear as jewelry) while meditating for a boost in your meditative state, intuition and psychic abilities. 
  • When prepping for labor and delivery create a medicine pouch filled with moonstone (and other relevant items). Holding the stones while in labor may help empower parent and child(ren). 
  • Lay down and place a piece of Moonstone on your third eye and meditate. 
  • Use in a healing ritual, empowering it to help your body heal from any of the health issues this stone can help with. 
  • Use in jewelry or in a pouch to help strengthen connection to your emotions: understanding, accepting and processing them.

This has been Cillian, as always, at your service. 


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