Psychic Readings | Energy Work

Psychic Readings | Energy Work

Oracle readings, tarot readings, spirit guide scan, akashic records, crystal ball, tasseography,... 

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Cillian is a gifted, intuitive tarot and oracle card reader and worker of magick. He had no idea what my current circumstances were or what my questions for him were, but as he quietly shuffled his deck, he instinctively knew when and which cards were that he should choose. Each card he placed before me was completely accurate and dead on. This continued throughout our time. He has so much experience with oracle and tarot that he comes to you with a thorough knowledge of both mediums. I also want to add that Cillian completely put me at ease. He is a very calm person and makes his clients very comfortable. Additionally, Cillian is incredibly well read and knowledgeable about the different magickal traditions beyond almost anyone I have ever met. I was first exposed to Alexandrian and Gardnerian Wicca and Tarot in 1983, so I've read and seen a lot and been in various covens over the years. However, I have to acknowledge that Cillian has a scholarly and experiential knowledge that I lack. I would personally recommend him, because he has such a calm and serene aura about him and is so deeply intuned to the spiritual, while also being a very humble scholar at the same time. If you're interested in a reading or other magickal work, I would highly recommend Cillian and his services through Hallowed Highlands. ~Michelle

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