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Hallowed Highlands

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

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*Celtic Cross Spread with a detailed interpretation report for your records. The Celtic Cross spread consists of ten cards and explore the following areas: 

1.)Where you are now.

2.)Possible issues and challenges you are going through at the moment.

3.)Where your focus should be currently.

4.)Your past.

5.)Your strengths that can aid you in everything you do.

6.)What the near future may hold for you.

7.)Suggestions for your current situation and moving forward.

8.)Any information you may need that you may not be consciously aware of. 

9.)Hopes and fears. 

10.)Your possible future.


As with any psychic reading, or spellcraft, nothing is set in stone or 100% correct. Intuitive readings such as tarot are tools in which you can use to look deeper into areas of your life, be aware of issues you may not be consciously aware of or are hidden from you, so that you can heal, grow, and improve. 

You will receive a picture of your spread as well as a detailed typed report on the interpretation so you won't lose the information. This information will be sent to your email of choice!



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