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Hallowed Highlands, LLC

Past Life Tarot Reading

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This reading can be done one of three ways: 

1.) We schedule a Zoom meeting and conduct the reading over video. No report or photos will be included. 

2.) We schedule a time to talk or text on the phone and conduct the reading. Pictures will be included. 

3.) We skip the video and call/text and you will receive a detailed typed report along with photos of your spread in your email of choice. 


The spread that I use for this reading I created myself and goes as follows: 

1.) Client presently. 

2.) Spiritual Guides, Ancestors, Deities, other supportive and loving forces. 

3.) Lessons that were either learned or not learned in the past life. 

4.) Shadow work that needs to be done. 

5.) Strengths, skills, talents and abilities from the past life that you can tap into now.

6.) Your past life soul mission. 

7.) Your current self's soul mission. 

8.) Karma from the past life. 

10.) Advice for using this information to learn, grow and heal.



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