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Hallowed Highlands

Foundations of Paganism and Witchcraft (Full Course)

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Foundations of Paganism and Witchcraft Curriculum

This course is taught by me 3 presentations at a time for a total of 5 separate 1-on-1 classes via Google Meet. Once you purchase this course I will contact you to schedule your classes. 

$250 for the course

$50 for a segment (3 presentations)

*If you would rather purchase 3 presentations at a time there is a separate listing for each segment.


Google Slides Presentations: 

  1. Course overview and intro to witchery and Pagan Practices
  2. Sacred Elements
  3. Symbols 
  4. Esbats and Moon Phases
  5. Wheel of the Year
  6. Altars, Altar Set up and Tools
  7. Intro to Divination
  8. Cleansing Sacred Space | Prepping for Ritual and Casting/Opening a Circle
  9. During Ritual
  10.  Invoking and Evoking introduction
  11. Offerings to the Divine
  12. Closing Circle | After Ritual
  13. Grimoire Workshop
  14. Group vs Solitary Practice
  15. Wrap UP: where to go from here? Goals, resources, information and more.

*The Google Slides Presentations are in a private client folder called “Beginner Course Presentations. Every paying student/client will receive a link in their email to this folder. Please don’t share these presentations or the content in this class with anyone else, I work hard to create my lesson plans, presentations and to teach. I’d deeply appreciate it if instead you refer the interested person(s) to become a student. Go raibh maith agat. (Thank you in Irish).

Most, if not all presentations end with a homework considerations slide. Homework is NOT graded nor is it required to pass this course. This course is not a Pass/Fail or graded one, it is simply a strong introductory course for witches and Pagans.




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