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Hallowed Highlands

Connect with your Ancestors Kit

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This kit will empower you in making contact with your ancestors and developing your bond. This kit will also help you learn your ancestral mission. This kit includes the following: *please note we are currently out of stock of rainbow fluorite and blue apatite, hence why we have dropped the price of this kit!*

*Ancestors roller essential oil made with oils, herbs and gemstones. Cillian worked with his own Ancestors to charge and bless this oil for your own Ancestral work. It smells great too!

*Candle carved and charged with Elder Futhark Runes.

*Necklace with key pendant. For use with the Key Incantation.

*Key incantation written by Cillian that empowers you to open and close physical and etheric doors.

*5 sticks of nag champa.

*Meditation tips and guided meditations written by Cillian.

*Meet your Ancestors guided meditation written by Cillian.



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