Practical Magic Tips 1-6

Practical Magic Tips 1-6

Here are a few practical magic tips that might boost your practice. 

*Draw sigils on your body, your shoes, slips of paper in your wallet or on your resume and job application. 

*Paint protective runes, symbols, etc in black acrylic paint on a mirror then hang it above your front door facing outward with a thick black ribbon to reflect any harm sent your way. 

*Visualize what you want to happen coming true, kiss your fingers and then snap them and say: so mote it be. 

*Infuse your moon water with herbs and gemstones! Just make sure the crystals you use are water-safe! Afterwards you can use moon water many different ways. Some include: in witch bottles and potions, intention roller oils, as a hand wash before and after performing Reiki or sprinkling on attendees of a ritual. 

*When you breathe in pull energy from the core of the Earth into your root chakra, through your sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown and into the multiverse. When you breathe out pull energy from the source of all life into your crown chakra and back down the chakras until the energy flows back into the core of the planet. This is a "breathing through the chakras" technique I developed and it has helped me a lot.

*Before your children go to school braid their hair and as you braid weave intention into the hair. "Happiness, focus, peace and success for your day" as an example. 

I hope these tips are helpful for you, see you next time!

Blessings, Cillian. 

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