Kunzite Healing & Magical Correspondences.

Kunzite Healing & Magical Correspondences.

Kunzite is the most well known example of the mineral called Spodumene and trace levels of the element manganese are to thanks for its beautiful color. There are also several different treatments that can be used to alter its color. Kunzite is considered by many a new gemstone as it was discovered at the very beginning of the 1900’s by a man named George Frederick Kunz. This stunner can be found across the world, especially in California and around the U.S., Afghanistan, Brazil and Madagascar. 

Chemical Formula: LiAlSi2O6

Energy Flow (Projective or Receptive) (Yin or Yang): Yin (Receptive).

Deities associated: I wasn’t able to find the information for this section and I will update it as soon as I have the answers!

Angels: All Angelic beings and the Angelic realm in general.

Metals: Copper (because of its relation to Venus), lead and mercury (because of its association with Earth) and lodestone and silver (because of its relation to the Water element).

Full Moons | Esbats: October (Blood Moon).

Season and/or Sabbat: Autumn and Samhain.

Magickal correspondences: Inner peace, supporting parents in caring for their children, wisdom, clear understanding of the truth, eases anxiety and helps cope with stress and sadness, awakenings, rebirth and resurrection, transformations, beginnings, protection, grounding and shielding, beauty, overcoming obstacles, problem solving, healing, unconditional love, nurturing, reconciliations, relationship matters, clear and concise communication with others, guidance, compassion and personal growth. Angels and the Angelic realms, communication with higher entities and boosts altered states of consciousness. Good luck, fortune, power and manifestation.

Body Systems/ Medical and Psychiatric Conditions this stone may benefit: Depression, anxiety, symptoms of stress, mental illness in general, healing from trauma (especially trauma during childhood as this stone is an excellent healer of our inner child), addiction recovery, integumentary system (skin), cardiovascular system and circulation, respiratory system (particularly the lungs making it a great choice for people with asthma, COPD and other lung related issues. Kunzite also may help in the soothing of tight and painful muscles.

*Please don’t ever substitute medical attention from a qualified health professional with witchy/spiritual work. While our spiritual and magickal workings are powerful and effective we should never neglect medical attention or modern science. I am in no way giving you medical advice. I am a health care provider, however, I am NOT a medical doctor so I am not qualified to diagnose or treat.

Primary elemental power flow: Earth. Some sources also include Water.

Directions: North, Northeast and Southwest.

Astrological signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Libra and Leo.

Celestial Bodies: Venus and Pluto.

Days of the Week: I was unable to find the information for this section and I will update it as soon as I find the info!

Numerical vibration: 7.

Chakra(s): Sacral and Heart. Kunzite can help open, clear and balance all of the chakras.

Tarot: The World.

Ideas on how to use Kunzite in your practice

  • Use Kunzite in a ritual to bring you abundance and good fortune then wrap the stone and wear it or wear it in a pouch (or in your pockets).
  • Use in a ritual to protect yourself or someone else from psychic attack, curses, etc and then wear the crystal or carry on you.
  • Use with blue kyanite when giving a speech or other oral presentation for clear communication, grounding and strength. You can also use these two gemstones together if you need to have an important conversation with someone and would like to help with communication, understanding and even reconciliation.
  • Use in a healing ritual or as a booster for your spiritual and all-around personal growth.
  • Kunzite can also be used to protect you from being manipulated by other people. If you’re having a problem with someone in your family, at work or school who likes to play mind games, this is a powerful stone to combat that.
  •  Use Kunzite to aid in your manifestation abilities and efforts.
  • Kunzite is also a powerful choice for trauma work (especially trauma sustained as a child).


“Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences” written by Sandra Kynes.





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